Key Issues

Sarah spent the last four years as the Chair of House Government Operations, where she made it a priority to fight for free and fair elections. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Sarah led the efforts in the legislature to enact universal vote-by-mail for the general election to ensure ease of access to voting while protecting the health and safety of Vermonters. When Sarah’s Committee made vote-by-mail permanent, they included campaign finance legislation which made it easier for women and care-givers to run for office.

Climate Change
Sarah believes we need more leaders at the State level who wake up each day thinking about how to save the planet for the next generations. Sarah has voted to protect our planet at every opportunity. She was the lead sponsor on the Global Warming Solutions Act, and finished her time in the legislature as the Co-Chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus for three years. She is recognized state-wide for her work on Climate and Environment.
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Reproductive Rights
As a woman, a mother of three female-bodied children, and an advocate for civil liberties, Sarah believes that Vermont is going in the right direction by adopting a constitutional amendment guaranteeing reproductive liberty (which she voted for on the House Floor.)  The decision of when and whether to use one’s body for reproduction should be up to the individual.

Sexual Harassment/Assault
Do you know 5 women? Then statistically you know 4 women who have experienced sexual harassment. Like many women, this is a personal topic for Sarah, and she has fought to better laws around sexual harassment in the workplace (for all genders). Her 2018 legislation implemented sexual harassment protections that at the time were called the strongest in the nation. Sarah has also passed bills to help protect victims of sexual violence.
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LGBTQ+ Issues
Sarah joined the legislature in response to the attack on civil unions in Vermont. She proudly voted yes on marriage equality in 2009, and continued that trend by voting supportively on other LGBTQ+ issue bills, such as requiring non-gender bathrooms. This Legislative session she voted yes to get rid of the “LGBTQ+ panic” defense for crimes, and she co-sponsored and voted to pass the bill allowing people to amend their birth certificate to reflect gender identity.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sarah is extremely proud to have passed legislation to get PTSD covered under worker’s comp for first responders. If we’re not protecting those who come to help us on our worst day, that is a tragedy. Sarah is hoping that the success of this legislation will grow to include more first responders, including health care workers who have been on the front line of the pandemic.
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Gun Safety
Sarah has a clear voting record from her 18 years in the legislature of supporting sensible gun safety reforms.

Reapportionment 2022
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Pension Reform
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Police Reform
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