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Our democracy faces unprecedented threats, from deliberate misinformation campaigns to active attempts at voter suppression. The very foundation of our democratic principles is at stake.

Sarah Copeland Hanzas was elected Vermont’s Secretary of State in 2022. She has spent her career educating young Vermonters, advocating for policies that strengthen their future, and fighting for democracy in the state legislature. Leading the Secretary of State’s office, she continues that work.

In her role as Secretary of State, Sarah is leading the charge on strengthening, protecting and preserving Vermont’s democracy. Sarah is empowering all Vermonters to participate in their democracy by advocating for change, petitioning their elected leaders and voting. She has been hard at work ensuring that all Vermonters have their voices heard in Vermont’s elections.

Vermont can, should, and will continue to lead the way with Sarah at the helm.

Sarah Copeland Hanzas, Secretary of State Candidate, speaks to Vermont citizen in Bradford, VT

Proven Leadership

Sarah Copeland Hanzas has steadily improved the operations of the Secretary of State’s office, overseen the revitalization and expansion of the Education and Civic Engagement program, and worked to modernize the Safe at Home address confidentiality program.

Her work as Secretary of State is a continuation of her 18 years in the Vermont House of Representatives, during which Sarah:

  • Prioritized election reforms that put civic engagement and voter accessibility at the forefront.

  • Spearheaded democracy initiatives that have broken down barriers for Vermonters to register and vote.

  • When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she led efforts to enact universal vote-by-mail for the general election to ensure ease of access to voting for all while protecting the health and safety of Vermonters.

  • In 2021, she led the charge that made universal vote-by-mail permanent for Vermont's general elections.

Learn more about Sarah’s key issues she tackled in the legislature here.

Sarah in her own words…

Check out Sarah’s introductory Campaign video!

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